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About the shop

La Chinata History begins in 1932, when our ancestors started to mill the olives from our region, Sierra de Gata. At that time, the oil was obtained in very rudimentary mills. The olives were introduced in stone mills to be crushed and obtain a paste that later was introduced in a press to get olive oil.

Layers of paste are formed, separated by circular sheets –"capachos" in a press, and pressing it was obtained the olive oil. Then the oil was decanted to separate it from vegetable water and rests of olives. Nowadays, we have the most advanced systems of grinding and pressing, that despite being purely mechanical can extract much more quantity of oil from the olives, in a clean and controlled way to guarantee the quality of extra virgin olive oil.

Aware of the increasing concern of our customers to consume healthy and natural products, we are manufacturing for several years a range of high quality products encompassed under our brand "La Chinata Gourmet Selections". They are predominantly elaborated with our best extra virgin olive oil, but also, we have recently added vinegars, honeys, salts, etc.

Following the use that ancient civilizations made of olive oil, we have developed a wide range of cosmetic products based on natural properties of extra virgin olive oil. Our extensive experience – four generations- in elaboration of extra virgin olive oil has provided us the required knowledge of this product to make the most of it as a cosmetic component.

On the other hand, addressing the demands of modern restoration, we have been investigating for several years the process of frying with different oils; and as fruit of this exhaustive investigation, we have brought to the market several vegetable oils for professional use intended to cover the needs of all kind of frying in professional restoration and food industry.

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