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Gift Vouchers


Delight your loved ones, colleagues or business partners! Shopping and entertainment centre Forum Nová Karolina offers Gift Vouchers, which always make a day.

Gift Vouchers can be purchased in denominations of CZK 200, CZK 500 and CZK 1,000. You can buy them in the shop CASHPOINT next to Marks & Spencer. If you are interested in buying large amount of Gift Vouchers for companies, business partners, etc., please contact Cash Point - Currency Exchange Office on email:

Gift Vouchers can be applied in most of our shops and are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Gift Vards can not be exchanged for cash.

We wish you a lot of fun  with the Forum Nová Karolina Gift Vouchers.

Children’s club

Make your children happy! Take them to the biggest children’s club in Ostrava!

In the 3rd floor  we opened a spacious Children’s club with plenty of attractions, that will make the children excited. Children’s club is as big as 460 square meters and welcomes children from 3 to 10 years old.

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For your convenience, we have 1,500 parking spaces prepared for you in the underground parking lot located directly below the object (P1, P2) and below the square situated between the centre building and Trojhalí (P3).

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Infostand at the main entrance is at your disposal for any questions concerning the orientation in our shopping and entertainment centre.

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Other services

The shopping and entertainment center Forum Nová Karolina strives to make your stay more pleasant with not only shops but also other services. We want you to feel well and had a good time shopping and relaxing. We are constantly working on improving our wide range of additional services.

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Other services Nákupní a zábavní centrum FORUM Nová Karolina se snaží svým návštěvníkům zpříjemnit pobyt a nakupování také dalšími službami. Chceme, abyste se u nás cítili dobře a strávili příjemné chvíle nakupováním nebo relaxováním. Neustále pracujeme na zlepšování nabídky doprovodných služeb.
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