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Forum Nová Karolina

(Centre administration )

Jantarová 3344/4
702 00, Ostrava 2
PO - NE 9.00 - 21.00
How to get here
Centre administration

Reception, centre administration

Markéta Mikulíková

Tel +420 555 140 190
Mo-Fr: 9:00-17:00
Essential contacts

Centre Director

Martin Kubík

Leasing/Comercialization Director

Taťána Kukulová

Technical Manager

Roman Florián

Short-term rentals (stands, kiosks, cards)

Leona Drozdová

Marketing Manager

Tomáš Lučan


Jiří Horký


Eva Ochonská


Contact us

Do you have any questions, ideas, or you want to cooperate with us? Use one of the above mentioned e-mails, or fill out this contact form:

About us

Discover the shopping and entertainment centre Nová Karolina!

The shopping and entertainment centre Forum Nová Karolina is situated in northwestern area called Nová Karolina. It represents the first finished complex of the new Nová Karolina site.

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